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Forms for Club Members

Some members of our club members have requested ATVMaine business membership forms to help support the club and the organization ATVMaine. Please click here for a copy of the form in PDF format. Thank you for your support!

One of the best ways members can help our club is to obtain permission from landowners for our club to maintain a trail on their property. Click here for a copy of the Land Use Permit form as provided by the State of Maine ATV Program.


"State of Maine" Links

The State of Maine ATV Program web site contains general information on the Maine ATV Program maintained by the State of Maine, Department of Conservation.

Maine ATV Safety Courses are put on at various times through out Maine by the State of Maine, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Maine ATV Laws are list on this web page maintained by the State of Maine, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Online Maine ATV Registration Renewal form can be filled out and submitted here also maintained by the State of Maine, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


ATV Manufactures

Compare various ATV makes and models by going directly to these links:

Arctic Cat | Bombardier | Honda | Kawasaki | Polaris | Suzuki | Yamaha


ATV Organizations

ATVMaine is an organization that supports and represents Maine ATV clubs as a whole.

Tread Lightly is an organization that wants to remind people to treat the land you use with care. It's philosophy is to "Tread lightly, leave a good impression".


Maine ATV Clubs (with web sites)

The Borderline ATV Club is a northern Maine based ATV club that maintains many miles of trail along the border of Maine.

Topsham Trail Riders is a southern Maine Club.Come ride with us.We have 21 miles of trail,check out our Polaris bridge project.

The China 4 - Seasons Club is a club located in the China Lakes region of Maine. The club is unique because of the fact they are tied in with the snowmobile club as well as the local lake association.

Fort ATV Club is based out of Mars Hill Maine. The club maintains some of the trails in the northern part of the State.

The Messalonskee Trail Riders ATV Club is an established club based out of Oakland, Maine. The club's dedicated members work hard to maintain trails and maintain positive landowner relations in the the Oakland, Waterville, Sidney and Belgrade area.

Mid-Maine ATV Club is a newer, enthusiastic Maine ATV club that is growing fast. They are based out of the Minot area.

The Lakes Region ATV Club is a well established club and also good friends of ours. The club works hard to maintain the well established trail system in the popular Sebego lakes region of western Maine.

Moose Alley ATV Club

The Moose Alley Riders ATV Club cover the Bingham and Solon Area. Remember to ride right and ride safe.

The Oxford Hills ATV Trail Blazers is another well established ATV club in the Oxford Hills - Norway area. This is another club we maintain constant contact with and we all plan to have a lot of great riding this year.

The River Valley Riders ATV Club is a well established club based out of Rumford Maine. This club has been in existance since April of 2000 and has acomplished many goals. Check them out on the web as they offer a lot of good information.

Square Pond ATV Club is a popular club in Shapliegh, Maine. The club is compiled of a great group of people and we have plans to catch up with them this year in a double club ride.

Sandy River Riders ATV Club is based out of Strong Maine and is compiled of dedicated members who strive to maintain the local ATV trail system.

The Washburn Beavers ATV Club maintains a trail system of the outskirts of Caribou / Washburn area of Maine and have been established since 1997.

The Western Maine ATV Club is located in Wilton, Maine. with 28 miles of trails and is looking for new members to join their club.

Flagstaff Area ATV Club

Flagstaff area ATV Club The Club would like you to see their site at "".


ATV Connections

ATV in Maine is a great place to go for Maine people to talk about ATV's and ATVing in Maine. The site has many decent ATVing Members from Maine. Check it out.

ATV Time is a favorite link of ours. The is a real time chat, posting board and a whole lot of information about ATVing and organized ATV rides. This site has tons of members and a lot of great people to get to know. We highly suggest a visit here!

ATV Scene is an awesome web site for ATV racing news and events.

ATV Source is a huge web site filled with tons of ATVing news, events and information.

ATV Connection is another web site with a large conglomerate of information related to ATVs, news and press releases.

ATV Illustrated is a great place to go for ATV reviews, clubs information, trails, news, articles, product reviews and much more.

ATV World is a web site that offers various ATV reviews, photos, links, chat and surveys.

Dirt Wheels is a web site packed full of ATV information including but not limited to ATV news, photos, events, races and even riding and maintenance tips.

Steel Riders know as the ATV Adventure Magazine is a great place for tips, reviews and previews as well as a well rounded selection of interesting ATV related articles.

4 Wheel ATV is a web site jam packed with 4 wheel ATV action.


ATV Technical Resources

Delorme is a great web site for GPS systems and software which are very handy on the trail.

Earthamaps is a web site maintained by Delorme that provides "road based" maps to help find your way to a specific area.

GIS Data Depot is one of the best web site that provides free USGS maps of almost anywhere in the states!

Map Quest is an excellent source for driving directions and address searches.

Terra Server is a real neat web site that will display aerial photography of almost any place you can imagine!

Topo Zone is the best web site that displays "topo based" maps in conjunction with coordinates. This web site is a must to visit! We use it all the time.

Weather Channel is not a bad place to go to see what you are up against for weather before you head out on that long trail ride. You can check the weather just be typing in your zip code.


ATV Products & Product Resources

ATV Old West carries ATV accessories and they say the only sell the highest quality products available because their reputation is on the line. They stock one of the best selections of ATV bags you can imagine. Check them out!

Black Dog stocks one of the best selections of ATV bags you can imagine!

Cabela's carries a good selection of ATV accessories especially for the sportsperson.

Highlifter is a great place to get a lift you think you might need one.

ITP Tires in our opinion, carries one of the best ATV tires around.

Kolpin is one of the best places to go for hardside luggage and sporting accessories for your ATV.

Montana Jacks has unique ATV accessories which includes chainsaw carries, boat carriers gas and tools packs and much more! They even have free delivery!

Moose Utilities is one of the top companies for all kinds of ATV stuff such as winches, plows, and other high quality ATV accessories.

NovaJack sells ATV products and accessories designed for use by specific needs of private woodlot owners.

Rocky Mountain is a great source of ATV tires and wheels.

Sierra offers a complete selection of add-on accessories for recreational and utility ATV users.

Sporttech Inc. sells unique ATV equipment such as skid places, handlebar risers, windshields, head light covers and a whole lot more.

Tamarack makes one of the largest selection of durable "hard case" ATV cases. If you are in the market, you may want to check these guys out.